Good for two tickets (per pass) on the tour.
The ODESZA ALL ACCESS PASS is an NFT series launched in partnership with Nifty Gateway. Collectors can purchase the pass to receive two tickets to any show on the tour (limit one redemption per NFT). To use the pass, simply collect and hold any of the AAA NFTs (found here) in a Metamask wallet or your Nifty Gateway account. Complete the information below and the ODESZA team will contact you via email to confirm your redemption. Please see our FAQ for any additional questions.
CLAIM YOUR TICKETSConnect the wallet or account holding your AAA Pass to claim your tickets.
VERIFY AAA PASSPurchasing an AAA Pass on a secondary market like Nifty Gateway or OpenSea? First verify below that the Pass is still eligible to redeem.
How many tickets can I redeem per AAA Pass NFT?
Each AAA Pass NFT from the “All Access Pass Pack //001 by ODESZA x Japanese Dad Collection” originally release on Nifty Gateway is redeemable for two (2) premium tickets to an eligible ODESZA Headline performance of your choice.
What happens to my NFT after I redeem it for tickets to a show?
Your NFT will remain intact and you will still have ownership of your work of art! Your NFT will be logged in our system as having been redeemed but otherwise nothing else changes! There are no gas fees for redeeming your passes.
How many times can I redeem my NFT Pass for tickets?
Each NFT can be redeemed for premium tickets only once
How do I redeem my NFT?
Simply connect your Ethereum wallet or your Nifty Gateway account to verify your ownership of an eligible NFT and click “Claim Tickets” from there you will be able to enter relevant information and select a performance which is eligible for VIP tickets.
How will I receive my tickets?
We will need some information from you in order to ensure that you have access to the show of your choice. If you have an eligible AAA Pass NFT and would like to redeem it for tickets you will need to provide us your full legal name (as shown on government issued identification) as well as a contact phone number and email address. When you submit this information and finalize your redemption you will receive an automated email which confirms your selections and your place on the ticket list for the performance of your choice. Tickets can be claimed at will call or the box office at the venue. (Please contact the venue for more information on where to pick up your physical passes if you have additional questions as each venue varies.)
I changed my mind and don’t want to redeem my pass, or I can’t attend the show I selected. What do I do now?
Unfortunately all transactions are final. Once you choose to redeem your NFT your passes are now locked in and your tickets for the show are confirmed.
Can I transfer my tickets?
While you can transfer NFTs from one owner to another at will, once you have redeemed your NFT for passes to a show your name is confirmed on the guest list and we will not be able to make changes to the names of attendees.
How close to the day of show can I redeem my NFT for VIP passes?
In order to ensure that you are able to have smooth access to the event we require that you redeem your NFT for passes at least one week before the day of show. We will need time to communicate with each venue and make sure things run smoothly for you and your guest.
Which shows are eligible for VIP passes?
NFTs from the All Access Pass Pack can only be redeemed for tickets to ODESZA headline shows only. This excludes all festival appearances and special events not included in an ODESZA headline tour. While tour dates are constantly being added to ODESZA’s schedule a comprehensive list of shows which are currently eligible and available for redemption is included in a dropdown menu during the redemption process. If you don’t see a show in your area that you would like to attend you can cancel the redemption process at this point and your pass will still be eligible in the future should new dates arise that are of interest to you.
Still have questions?
Please reach out to passredemption@foreignfamilycollective.com for any additional questions/comments/concerns.